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The Alukol Fémszerkezetgyártó Magyar-Német Kft. was established in 1990. The owners were Hungarian private citizens and the German Versbach Beteiligungs Gesellschaft GmbH. The employees of Alukol were trained in Germany, to achieve high-class workmanship while focusing on precious labour and moral principles.

The owners started to reorganize the dynamically developing company to a holding, around 1995, in order to simplify the wide range of their expertise. Therefore, since 1995, new firms were founded by Alukol, to assure each specified performance. The original firm changed its name (ALK Holding) and its activity (proficient financial investments) and founded the new succession firm with majority ownership. Alukol Kft. started its activity in 1997.

  • The main profile of the ALK Holding Kft. (Founded in 1990) is based on: proficient financial investments, leasing properties, overseeing book-keepings and also hotel and hostel management.
  • The ALUMAT Kft. (Founded in 1995) specializes in manufacturing, installing and repairing automatic aluminium sliding and revolving doors, mostly constructed with the DORMA system. (Sold in 2010.)
  • The LEMAL Kft' (Founded in 1996) is expert in designing, manufacturing and installing a variety of aluminium structures, which are NC operated, welded with metal sheets and bends till 5,5 m length. The Lemal Kft also leases their products.
  • The SOLART Kft. (Founded in 1999) constructs and sells their designed solar panels.
  • The Metal-CAD Kft. (Founded in 2002) established their credibility by designing aluminium structures. (Sold in 2010.)
  • The ALUPRO Kft. (Founded in 2002) is expert in manufacturing aluminium structures.
  • The ALUKOL Homlokzattechnika Kft. started its activity in 1997 with the employees and expertise of the original firm (now ALK Holding Kft ).

Alukol rised its capital to 102 MFt held by a state investor company in 2002. Alukol bought back its business share in 2006. Today ALK Holding gives more than approx. 600 mFt trustworthy fund to financing ALUKOL.

Since the profile-clearing reorganization between 2002 and 2005, ALUKOL works as a central  project managing office to manage its subsidiary (ALUPRO manufacturing ) and to maintain "ALUKOL-QUALITY" with 20-22 employees.

In 2006 ALUKOL applied for a patent for a new invention of a glass holding structure system for glass facades. Using this new innovation, ALUKOL built the 23 m high whole glass facade of the Richter Gedeon Research Institute.


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